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Carlson: How to Stop Brake Noise

Don’t miss this popular video from expert mechanic Chris Fix.  In it, he gives the Top 5 reasons disc and drum brakes make noise and then gives clear di ...

Carlson: Results of New Brake Clip Studies

Learn why installing new brake hardware improves braking performance and how much it decreases brake noise.  Research shows old brake clips are out of spe ...

Dorman University: Water Outlets

This training module will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. It will test your knowledge on a range of topics including: Overview of Dorman's ...

CCP-008 What Is A MAP Sensor

ARCHIVED BROADCAST - As a parts counter person, you probably sell a lot of MAP sensors. But do you really know what it is and its function? Bosch instruct ...

Philips Automotive Lighting History & Product Portfolio


This product contains 5 courses in the Philips Training Portfolio. you will learn about the history of Philips lighting, lighting for the aftermarket, different bulb technologies and types, LED lighting and bulb replacement.


CCP-007 Oil: The Importance of Additives and Viscosity

ARCHIVED BROADCAST - As a professional parts counter person, you need to help your customers choose the proper oil for their vehicle and driving habits. Oi ...

Wegmann: Perfect Equipment – Wheel Balance Training Series

Welcome to the Perfect Equipment Wheel Balance Training Series. This lesson plan will teach you the basics of wheel balance, including what wheel imbalance ...

CCP-006 Understanding Diesel Exhaust Fluid Systems

ARCHIVED QUICK TIP - Today’s common rail diesel vehicles are equipped with after-treatment systems to reduce tailpipe emissions. Most of you have sold Di ...

CCP-005 Why R-1234yf?


ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – This program explains why vehicle manufacturers worldwide are phasing out R-134a and switching to R-1234yf.


CCP-004 Better Cleaning for Better Performance


ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – Sometimes, parts customers searching for improved engine performance don’t know which cleaner to use and/or how to use it properly. This HD broadcast will help you with some great customer advice regarding cleaning agents.


CCP-003 Fuel Pump Overview


ARCHIVED QUICK TIP – In this short but informative 15 minute session, you will learn about fuel pumps, what they are, how they work and how technicians determine when a fuel pump is faulty. You will also learn helpful tips related to fuel pump replacement.


LS-48 Diagnostic Strategies: Air Induction

ARCHIVED BROADCAST- As a Professional Technician, the proper diagnostic strategy is a critical component of establishing your tech efficiency. In part 1 o ...

Tire Warranty Program

Tire Warranty Program Determining the causes of tires placed out of service is very important to the fleet operator because of the substantial investment ...

Counter Training 101

Counter Training 101 The Counter Training 101 Program with Bill Haas covers multiple aspects of work as a Counter Care Professional. It deals with the n ...

ASE-P2 Complete ASE P2 Test Prep program with Dave Hobbs and Tom Dayton

Course ID ASE-P2
240 Minutes of Video
Unlimited Course Access
Online Manual
Practice Test
Certificate of Completion



Product Knowledge

Strong Arm: How to Replace a Pair of Failed Hatchback Lift Supports

How to Replace a Pair of Failed Hatchback Lift Supports

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Tenneco: Walker 5 controles essentiels de diagnostic

Tenneco Walker 5 controles essentiels de diagnostic This eLearning Module is designed to go through each of the 5 Basic Diagnostic Steps for the Emissions...

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Cloyes: GM Ecotec Non Variable Valve Timing

This video covers the removal and installation process for General Motor's Non-Variable Valve Timing ECOTEC engine utilizing Cloyes aftermarket replacement products (9-4201S & 9-4202S).

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Phoenix Systems (Brake Bleeder): How to Check Brake Fluid

A lot of times we think to ourselves is my brake fluid full? We check it and say we are good to go. The thing...

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Phoenix Systems (Brake Bleeder): BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test

Stacy David, host of Gearz TV, talks about brake fluid breakdown in particular for copper in brake fluid. After extensive government testing the Motorist Assurance...

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Eastern Catalytic: Frequently Asked Question 05

Troubleshooting the PO420 Code Error

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Eastern Catalytic: Frequently Asked Question 04

Choosing a Universal Converter for your vehicle.

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Eastern Catalytic: Frequently Asked Question 02

Why is my converter smaller than the OE?

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Eastern Catalytic: Frequently Asked Question 01

Universal vs. Direct-fit Converters

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Eastern Catalytic: Installation Prerequisites

Emission laws and types of installation.

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Eastern Catalytic: Why Is New York Adopting California Regulations?

Each state can now replace their federal emissions regulations with CARB regulations and still be legally compliant with the EPA requirements.

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Eastern Catalytic: Why Are California Converters So Expensive?

Why does a legal California converter cost so much more than a federal if they both look and fit the same.

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Eastern Catalytic: Will I Need to Replace a Recently Installed Converter?

I just installed a new Federal EPA certified converter last year. Will I need to replace it with a CARB compliant converter once the new...

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Eastern Catalytic: What Catalytic Converter Fits My Car?

Where can I find information about what catalytic converter fits my car?

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Eastern Catalytic: What Does My Converter Warranty Cover?

What is covered by the emission warranty?

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Eastern Catalytic: How Can I Identify a California Legal Converter?

How can I identify a California legal catalytic converter?

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Eastern Catalytic: Which Converters Are Legal to Use in New York?

I live in New York and need to replace my catalytic converter. How do I know which ones are legal?

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