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LS-50 Diagnostic Strategies: Fuel Delivery

In Part 2 of our Diagnostic Strategies Series, this HD Broadcast will cover fuel delivery. As with Part 1 on air induction, this course covers the diagnostic step-by-step routines technicians use.


LS-49 Unlock the Power of Global OBD2 for European Vehicles

Join us LIVE April 19 @ 2:00 pm EST- Have you ever wondered how diagnostic trouble codes are set and how the engine management system makes those decision ...

LS-48 Diagnostic Strategies: Air Induction

ARCHIVED BROADCAST- As a Professional Technician, the proper diagnostic strategy is a critical component of establishing your tech efficiency. In part 1 o ...

LS-47 Strange But True

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST- We have all run into weird diagnostic problems right? Well, in this HD Broadcast Ron Bilyeu will show you how to keep your focus as ...

LS-46 The Power of the Phone

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- The most powerful tool in your shop is your phone. Sure, we all know to say Good Morning or Good Afternoon, identify the shop, and ide ...

LS-45 Bosch Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics for European Vehicles

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - European branded manufacturers were the first to introduce Common Rail Diesel (CRD) fuel systems on light-duty passenger car vehicle ...

LS-43 Current Probe Diagnostics

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- Interpreting lab scope patterns using your low amp clamp will allow you to quickly pin point your diagnostics when it comes to engine ...

LS-42 Bosch Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics: Nissan Titan Diesel Overview

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- The trend towards diesel powered vehicles continues with the introduction of the Nissan Titan pickup equipped with a Cummins 5.0L turb ...

LS-44 “Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric” Simulcast – Standard


Live broadcast from AVI Conference!

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LS-40 From Order Taker to Sales Maker

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- Order takers don’t make sales. Order takers sound rushed, usually answer questions with yes or no and seldom ask questions. A sales ...

LS-39 O2 Sensors: Wide vs Narrow Band


The PCM looks at the demands of the driver and then injects fuel into the cylinder to meet those demands. It then looks at the upstream and downstream O2 sensors to see how close to perfect it determined the air/fuel ratio. By using a scan tool and a scope we can monitor these actions and use the data to determine likely causes of concerns.


LS-37 Essential Skills for Electrical Diagnostics

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM -  You’ve taken an electrical class with electron theory and all those ohm’s law formulas, but it left you confused. How will thi ...

LS-35 MACS 2016 Mobile A/C Update

There’s a lot to know in the ever-changing world of Mobile A/C, and MACS and AVI have got you covered! What’s up with this new refrigerant we’ve been hearing about? Is there new equipment my shop is going to need? How will we service this next generation of vehicles?


LS-34 ABS – Enhanced Stability Systems, Operation, Analysis, and Repair

This class will cover ABS operational systems including traction control and enhanced stability systems. Mark DeKoster will teach you common failures, inspection techniques and what to look for, and the use of tools for analyzing concerns such as digital multi-meters scan tools and oscilloscopes


LS-32 EVAP Diagnostics: Diagnosis Module – Tank Leakage (DM-TL) System

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM -  The Bosch DM-TL leakage pump is primarily thought of as a European only device, but manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia and Mazda also ...