Live On-Site Training Seminars

Technical Training From Instructors
Who Are Technicians Like You!

Instructors will come to you and present cutting-edge
information on topics such as:

Engine Management

  • Flash Programming/Re-programming
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Gasoline Direct Injection
  • Scan Tool Use and Diagnostics

Diesel Engine Diagnostics

  • Fuel Delivery
  • Duramax Diagnostics
  • Cummins Diagnostics
  • Power Stroke Diagnostics

Business Management

  • Selling / Phone Skills
  • Customer Retention
  • Successful Hiring Practices
  • Multi-Generational Workforce

Alternative Fuel Vehicle

  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle
  • Propane Autogas Vehicle
  • Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle
  • CNG Fuel System Inspector

First and Second Responders

  • Vehicle courses
  • Firefighter courses
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle courses
  • Tow Truck and Roadside Assistance courses

All AVI live classroom sessions are customizable to the client’s needs on content, length, and location.
Please contact AVI to discuss your organization’s specific needs

Meet Some of Our Instructors:

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