Why High Pressure Pumps Fail: Quantity VS Pressure Tech Tip

December 5, 2019


Bosch instructor Karl Schneider points out several key areas that can cause failure in high pressure fuel pumps.

You’ll pick up some valuable “fuel for thought!”

LBT-373 Bosch Why High Pressure Pumps Fail
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LBT-373 Bosch Why High Pressure Pumps Fail

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Many times, the high-pressure pump is to blame for a low-pressure code or performance issue related to low pressure. Often the technician does multiple tests and from those tests determines that the high-pressure pump is the fault.

After replacing the high-pressure pump, the vehicle still has issues and only to find out there was another cause of the low pressure. Another concern is what caused the system to fail. If the high-pressure pump has failed the question should be asked, what caused the high pressure to fail? What is the fuel is tested and no contamination is found.

This program will give you the knowledge to understand what influences the high pressure pump to make high pressure also testing procedures beyond the manufactures steps.

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