Toyota Diagnostics Training

January 17, 2010

Fort Myers, FL – February 19, 2010 It’s time to rethink the way Toyota vehicles are being repaired. In the past, Toyota vehicles rarely presented a diagnostic challenge. Today these vehicles are more complex and system failures have increased as OBD II models continue to age. Bizarre EVAP systems, weak but expensive catalytic converters, hard to test air/fuel sensors, and other high dollar systems and components are turning Toyota diagnostics into a high risk venture. 

Here’s your opportunity to catch up on the latest information and techniques. With the extensive 3.5 hour training program you will receive the all-new Toyota, Lexus & Scion Training Manual, which includes repair information, ATG Tips and testing examples from known good and faulty systems. Also included are hundreds of live OEM and aftermarket Scan Tool captures, photos, and Lab Scope captures from known good and faulty vehicles.


This training program covers it all, including expanded information on the following troublesome topics and unique new systems.

  • Early, Late, LEV II, Bladder & LDP EVAP
  • ATG Catalyst & Air/Fuel Sensor Testing
  • New Direct Injection Systems
  • Fuel Trim & Rear Fuel Trim
  • Variable Camshaft Timing

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