The Truth Behind Telematics Data – Your Future Is In Jeopardy

May 21, 2019


It really is a great time to be an aftermarket automotive technician.  Engines are getting better year after year and the computers that make them perform really do make it easier to serve your amazing customers.

As we watch the industry we are seeing a disturbing trend. Every year, gaining access to this data that streamlines your business is getting harder and harder to access.  This is why we are joining the Auto Care Association to help the automotive aftermarket get access to this data that it is imperative that they have.

Your voice can absolutely help the Auto Care Association fight for equal and secure access to your vehicles data which will allow a more efficient service process.

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Secure Vehicle Interface (SVI) Explained

Today, any telematics data coming in and out of vehicles go through OEMs, making them the data’s gatekeepers and giving them full control over who has access, how the data is accessed and how much access costs. Auto Care supports a solution that provides security, privacy, choice, safety, and a level playing field for the marketplace. A solution that enables a smart global infrastructure, where the vehicles of the future can “talk” to infrastructure components like roads, traffic lights, emergency vehicles and other vehicles , which results in safer and more efficient roadways.



Please take a moment to view the video above to learn more about how The Auto Care Association is working for you.

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