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The 2009 AVI Training Conference

February 13, 2009

Fort Myers, FL – January 26, 2009 – The 2009 AVI Training Conference which took place January 15-18 at the Pink Shell Resort in Fort Myers Beach Florida was a great success. Even with the turbulent state of the economy, attendance was up from last year and there were more vendors than previous years. Sales were up for both AVI and the vendors who attended, which is a testament to the fact that in this fragile economy, the automotive aftermarket is not in as much trouble as much as other industries. More people are fixing the cars they have rather than buying new vehicles. ASA predicted that 2009 would be a great year for this industry and it seems they were correct.

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January 30, 2009

By Scott Holloway. As a vehicle service and maintenance provider, you are no doubt aware that with the model year 2008 all cars and light trucks sold in the United States have a Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). These systems actually have been in use for better than ten years and have only recently shown up in the repair centers with a resounding thud! We all know that with change comes opportunity, and TPMS represents huge opportunity for the tire service centers and auto repair garages alike.

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Less is More When the Going Gets Tough

January 8, 2009

By Charlie Fewell. Face it; you have no control over the state of the economy or the potential loss of revenue and profits that may occur when times are tough. You do in fact have total control over your behaviors during any economic slowdown. Many companies pull back and reduce overall spending in an attempt to preserve the bottom line.

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OEM Websites Tip Clip

January 6, 2009

Beyond the Books – OEM service websites are a valuable resource for much of the information you need to do your job, but only if you know how to use them. AVI can help you easily navigate through these sites to find the information you need quickly. Bill Haas, Vice President of Education and Training for ASA will show you where to find exactly what you need in the shortest amount of time so you can be more profitable with less stress.

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Dynamic Duo of Diagnostics Tip Clip

Get some quick tips from Dave Hobbs as he shows us how to use a smoke machine and scan tool as a diagnostic dream team. Learn the basics of EVAP systems and how they work so you can better use your scan tool and smoke machine together as a better team for diagnosing EVAP related codes.

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Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems

November 14, 2008

By Craig Van Batenburg. In the beginning of hybrid car development the air conditioning systems were R143a systems that shared all the same components as a typical gasoline motor vehicle. The early hybrids were the Honda Insight, Civic Hybrid, Ford Escape, and Classis Prius (2001-2003). All hybrid A/C systems are really climate control. Only the Insight had A/C as an option, and it was a climate control system as well. Every other hybrid to date has factory climate control for some very important reasons.

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What Is Your Audio IQ?

By Dave Hobbs. Car audio? Been more interested in R.P.M.s than in watts R.M.S.? Better rethink that philosophy with today’s factory car audio and entertainment systems. The technology that used to be a handful of simple circuits like “power, ground, speaker and antenna” and totally independent of other electronic systems has given way to vehicles sprawling with wires and data busses interacting with the audio system.

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Competing for Customer Loyalty

By Bill Haas. Remember the days when you could open the doors of your shop in the morning and customers would drop off the keys to broken cars all day long? It wasn’t that long ago, but a lot has changed in a short time. Vehicles are built better, last longer and require less maintenance, and more businesses are offering automotive solutions to vehicle owners. Specifically, automobile manufacturers and dealerships are attempting to be a significant influence on when and where vehicle owners have service performed.

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Hands-On J2534 Tip Clip

Have you spent hours trying to repair a driveability or emission problem and couldn’t resolve the issue? Many of these problems can only be repaired thru flashing. AVI can give you the training you need so you can be prepared when you come across a problem that cannot be fixed without a software update.

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Engine Performance Tip Clip

November 13, 2008

Would you like to solve engine performance and misfire issues in 10 minutes? AVI can help you diagnose these problems quickly so you can make more money. This course with Bill Fulton will help you become more profitable by showing you a 10 minute diagnostic strategy using your DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) and secondary waveforms to resolve these issues.

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Deer In the Headlights

November 12, 2008

We all know that look. We get it from customers from time to time.A guy drives up, parks out front and asks, “I’ve got a tail light out, can you put one in for me real quick?” You say, “Sure.” After it’s put in, you tell the guy, “All fixed and we checked all the other lights, too. Everything’s good. That’ll be $13.00.” The guy gives you the “Deer In the Headlights look” (DIH) and says…

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