Become The Shop With NO Competition

January 17, 2010

Fort Myers, FL – February 19, 2010 All shops are doing oil changes and every shop competes on price, quality, and convenience.  George Witt will show you how to take new oil technology and show it to customers and do extended drain intervals that make sense and keep your customers happy. 

Whether you love oil changes or hate them, this class is designed specifically for a shop like yours.  George is going to help you get an edge on your competition by marketing around oil changes.


George Witt will show you how to reduce the number of tickets you do without hurting your business.  Simply by understanding your new oil options you can progress your maintenance cycle.  Save a trip for your customer, charge a little more for the oil and you’ll have happier clients, cleaner engines, and fewer leaks.  Not to mention the oil costs the same, so, you will have a higher profit margin!  Guys don’t know about this new oil, you’ll be the shop with no competition.  This has the potential to make as much as $10,000 per year, per tech in additional net bottom line profit!

There is a helpful bonus section on this DVD, an excerpt from Craig Van Batenburg’s Hybrid Maintenance class, that covers important facts about Toyota hybrid oil standards and how to avoid causing no start issues.

This is the future of motor oil!

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