NHRA Announced A New Electric Vehicle Racing Class – EV Tour Blog

June 26, 2021

June 25, 2021 – Norwalk, OH

Electric cars are coming. Well, electric cars are here.

You petrol-heads may laugh and point when the neighbor’s Prius drives by silently, or scoff at all the news stories of manufacturers investing heavily into hybrid and pure electric cars and that’s understandable. Electric vehicles are a severe variation of something we all love and cherish: our cars. The sound of a big-block with open exhaust is music to a car enthusiasts’ ears, and any threat to that can be seen as a nonsensical and useless effort to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. We’re wrong.

Environmental concerns, lack of natural resources, etc. etc. etc. There are a lot of reasons floating around out there on why EVs are being pushed out in such great numbers, and we’re not going to move over into the political side of things here. Let’s just agree that EVs are here, are growing in popularity, and they are not going away. My wife actually is on her second Prius, and I like it. It is comfortable, reliable, and you can’t beat 52mpg on long trips. Anyway, back to the story.

The NHRA, the governance organization of the holy grail of drag racing, recognizes that EVs are now a part of the racing scene, and so does The Group Training Academy. A good chunk of TGTA staff is up here in Norwalk, OH for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals with our cutaway Prius to show off the EV training for technicians and firefighters that we offer. We are also here to show support for the NHRA. If you haven’t heard, the NHRA is taking the plunge next year with a sanctioned EV racing program in the Summit Racing Series in all seven NHRA Divisions. You can read more about the NHRA announcement here:


We’ll have more on this event as the weekend rolls out, and more about EV racing and the NHRA. Today was a bit of a bust, as it rained as it can only rain in the flats of Ohio, postponing most of the racing schedule. Saturday and Sunday look much more favorable, so we hope to come back with more information and especially pics from the races. I’ve included one pic of TGTA trailer and training tool that was taken just before the heavens opened up.

Yeah, we’re damp.