Meet Gil Anchondo, Expert Body Repair and Paint Restoration Specialist

August 31, 2021

We’d like to take advantage of a little break in the action to officially introduce one of the newest instructors to join team AVI, Gil Anchondo. We were first introduced to Gil by another fortunate, but not as recent “talent acquisition”, Tom Rayk. Gil is from Los Angeles, where he has cultivated an impressive reputation as a body repair and paint specialist. Gil is well known in some “big league” circles, like SEMA in Las Vegas and even Automechanika in Mexico City. His expertise is a great compliment to the Team AVI stable of instructors.


Gil flew to Detroit back in June to meet Paul, who had driven up from AVI South in Florida. Needless to say, they hit it off immediately. Car guys. Leaving Detroit, they head to Norton, Ohio, where our lead instructor/content developer John Forro has established AVI North, a sister studio to AVI World Headquarters in Florida. John’s a very busy guy. He’s recently built another cutaway Prius for delivery to Mt. San Jacinto College, in California. Help John stay busy and order one for your training program today! Seriously, we'll do it!

Once the Prius and all the equipment, tools and training props are loaded in the trailer and strapped down, Paul, Gil and Tom Rayk hit the road for another leg of the Mobile Training Tour, stopping to bring quality, hands-on training to venues across the country as they make their way to MSJC to deliver the school their brand new, award winning, training vehicle.