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MACS A/C Quick Quiz

May 18, 2011

A/C systems are constantly being updated with new technology and service procedures. Find out if you’re up to speed on the latest in mobile A/C systems with this five question quiz.

Technician A states that the job of the A.C. compressor is  to act as a refrigerant pump. Technician B says it also raises the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant for greater heat transfer in the condenser. Who is correct?

Technician A states that the evaporator uses the cooling action of vaporizing refrigerant to cool the air inside the vehicle. Technician B says the most commonly used refrigerant in today’s vehicles is R-12. Who is correct?

Two technicians are discussing A.C. system operation. Technician A states that the refrigerant oil in the A.C. charge is there only to  reduce friction and wear in the compressor. Technician B says the oil is used to lubricate the parts of the A.C. system and is carried throughout the entire system. Who is correct?

Technician A states that A.C. uses 5% of all fuel burned by today’s motor vehicles. Technician B says that A.C. use only consumes about 2%  of all fuel burned. Who is correct?

Technician A states that design modifications such as solar powered roof ventilators and insulated head liners are being tested for use. Technician B says that infrared reflective glass as well as infrared reflective coated roofs are also being tested. Who is correct?