L1 Test Prep

March 12, 2009

Henry Ford once said ‘Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.’ If you are preparing to take the ASE L1 certification test AVI has the tools you need to prepare for success. Use our new ‘L1 Test Prep’ website to sharpen your skills before the big test. AVI has you covered with six free quizzes to test your knowledge on the various topics you will be tested on when you take the ASE L1 certification test. Over 50 questions with videos help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

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ASE Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Test (L1)

Objective: To identify those technicians who possess knowledge of the skills required to diagnose sophisticated driveability and emissions-related problems on automobiles, SUVs and light-duty trucks.

Scope of Program: The ASE Advanced Engine Performance Specialist (L1) Test contains questions that test technicians’ knowledge in the diagnosis and repair of computer-controlled engine systems. In addition, the test measures technicians’ abilities in diagnosing the cause of high-emission failures. This is especially important in states where basic I/M (inspection/maintenance), enhanced I/M (ASM or IM240), and OBD testing programs are in effect.

Test Development: The questions that appear on the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Test were written by industry experts familiar with all aspects of driveability and emissions diagnostics. Many of the questions relate to a sample vehicle using a composite powertrain control system. It represents a cross section of computerized engine control technology used by most manufacturers. This assures an equal opportunity for all technicians who take the test, without bias towards any specific manufacturer.

Format: The scored portion of the test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that address six content areas: General Powertrain Diagnosis, Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis (including OBD II), Ignition Systems Diagnosis, Fuel Systems and Air Induction Systems Diagnosis, Emission Control Systems Diagnosis, and I/M Failure Diagnosis. The test may include additional questions that are included for statistical/research purposes and don’t affect the test score. Some of the questions require extensive use of the Composite Vehicle Type 3 Reference Booklet that is provided both before and at the time of testing. Because of this, ASE recommends that technicians NOT register for other tests during the same test session.
Prerequisite: Those registering for the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Test must be currently certified in the regular Engine Performance (A8) category, and satisfy the two-year hands-on experience requirement.

Certification Requirements: To become ASE certified as an Advanced Engine Performance Specialist, technicians must be currently certified in A8 and pass the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist test.

Recognition: Those who earn L1 certification will be issued wallet and wall credentials, plus an appropriate sleeve insignia and a special toolbox medallion. They will also receive ASE’s Blue Seal Tech News.

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NOTE: The Composite Vehicle has been updated. Major changes include:

  • Variable valve timing
  • Electronic throttle actuator control (drive-by-wire)
  • Data communications bus
  • Vehicle anti-theft immobilizer system
  • Electronically controlled EGR
  • Onboard refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) EVAP components

Download a copy of the new Composite Vehicle Type 3 Reference Booklet