Dealing with Staff Shortages [Tech Tip]

May 11, 2021


In this tech tip from “Avoiding Pitfalls- Tips for Enhancing The Service Experience”, Frank Leutz explains some ways Service Advisors can deal with the reality of staff shortage issues encountered at some point throughout the year.

Your Client Couldn't Care Less About the Doohickey Valve - How to Translate Industry Terminology & Create Raving Clients

Most consumers are truly not interested in exactly what you are replacing for the service or fix to their vehicle and are truly worried about what's in it for them as it relates to the money they are ready to spend with you.

In this session, we will uncover tactics and strategies to keep it simple by creating value for your clients, while maximizing ticket averages and profitability.

Removing the Wall Between Advisors & Technicians - Higher Levels of Team Performance 

Your service bays are jam-packed and you have met every commitment to a healthy ticket and a happy client, however, your technician seems to be on a different flight path of productivity and may jeopardize the process of completing service both on time and correctly.

This session will reveal how to truly uncover what is lurking behind some of the most common communication issues at hand between you and your technician\s while overcoming below-average technician performance.


How to Create Value Without Training Clients on Discounts - Avoiding Profit Loss & Remaining the Hero 

You have an estimate in front of you that has you smiling ear to ear until your client pulls out the sharp chopping knife looking to hack and discount every which way, leaving you frustrated while eagerly not wanting to lose a sale.

In this session, we will look at bonafide ways to hold your "profitability ground" & keep your client happy.


You're Fired! Clients That Are Getting in The Way of Profitability 

In all reality, we can all agree to the fact that some folks are just not worthy of our time and in fact can truly get in the way of profitability to our operations. We will go through a step-by-step procedure to keep these customers from getting in the way of profitability and when it is absolutely ok to fire them, while also absolutely ensuring that we have done everything to get them to the "value" promised land before we clean house.



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