Cyber Security: The Full Video

September 26, 2019




Cyber security is in the news, all the time. And with today’s vehicles having a huge amount of digital connectivity not only internally between modules and components, but externally via wi-fi and navigation systems, the chance for “hacking” is all to real. Cyber security expert and NASTF Executive Director Donny Seyfer shows you to be aware of and how to prevent yourself and your customers from becoming victims of hacking attacks.

Topics Covered:

  • Steps the Government Is Taking (Or Not Taking) To Secure Data
  • Best Practices To Better Protect Your Customers’ Vehicles From Security Threats
  • Do’s and Don’ts In Your Business Practices To Prevent Problems
  • What You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Personal Data
  • And More…

Runtime: 66 minutes


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