AVI’s Studio Booked for Local Magazine Photoshoot

September 1, 2021

Here’s some local news. Last Wednesday, Aug. 25, we had some guests here at AVI Studios, a photography crew and talent from Gulf Shore Life magazine.

So, Tuesday afternoon I cleaned up the studio, got some help to roll up the big carpet and put a fresh coat of pure white paint down on the cyclorama floor.

Then I turned the A/C down to make the space nice and cool. Ready.

Once everyone was on site and the gear was set up, I was surprised that they were working in the dark!

The crew was utilizing projectors and some bizarre lighting techniques. Quite different from how we do it.

This was for the magazine cover, so we aren’t allowed to show you any pictures until this issue hits newsstands coming soon. We've added some shots of the studio from a different day.

If you are a local and would like to book our Studio for photoshoot or video shoots in the Fort Myers, Florida area, give us a call: (800) 718-7246