AVI’s New Specialty Tools!

July 14, 2021


AVI is now offering our own line of specialty tools! Take advantage of these tools customized by John Forro to save you time and money!

5 Volt Reference Provider

This tool allows the technician to have a regulated 5-volt power supply on hand. Use it to supply reference voltage to circuits on live vehicles or use it to bench test computer controlled components before taking the time to install them only to find out the new part is faulty.

Relay Circuit Tester

This tool solves the problematic concern of never having the right relay circuit testing tool in your expensive tool truck kits. By having just two small spade terminals as the output, you can simply plug them directly into to relay’s load circuit harness connector and short the circuit thus causing the loaded circuit to activate.

Backup / ADAS Camera Tester

Use this tester to diagnose the video out channels of both back up cameras and ADAS calibration cameras. Unit is all inclusive with various camera leads and a built in 5-volt and 12-volt power supply to power up the cameras.

High Voltage Battery Cell Load Tester

This tool has been used in both of our flagship H.V. classes by instructor John Forro. Various other competitors units sell for tens of thousands of dollars, this unit allows your shop to compete with the big boys at an affordable price. Be your customer’s hero and save them money by not having to replace the expensive battery packs.