March 1, 2016

Find out the shocking conclusion to the premier training event of the year “Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric: The Trial”. During the trial, the honorable Judge Bill Haas interrupted an industry leading instructor to bring us breaking news!



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[dn_related_product title=”Who Killed Dr. Stoichiometric?” description=”Technicians are invited to take part in this interactive training event with AVI instructor, Ron Bilyeu. You will join in examining evidence with the instructor (better known as the prosecutor) to prove beyond a reasonable doubt who killed Dr. Stoichiometric. The prosecutor will lead you to discover all aspects of engine inefficiency that ultimately led to the demise of the doctor. In this engine performance course you will learn insider information from leading industry experts Bosch, DENSO and Delphi.” link=”/shop/uncategorized/who-killed-dr-stoichiometric-simulcast/” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Who-Killed-Dr.-Stoichiometric_TRAIL_THUMBNAIL_480x320.jpg”]


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