Import Testing & Techniques with Dave Scaler

February 13, 2009

Fort Myers, FL – February 3, 2009 – Automotive Video, Inc. also known as Team AVI recently released a training program with Dave Scaler from Mechanics Education Association to help tackle tough issues on the most popular import models driven today. Many shops turn import customers away because their techs lack the training to diagnose and repair the unique problems that occur with these vehicles. Imports are a growing portion of the repair business and this class gives shop owners and techs the training they need to capitalize on this segment of the market.

This program covers basic information for shops who do not work on imports as well as advanced tips and techniques for experienced import shops. A lot of import shops do not test Toyota Air Fuel Sensors with the ammeter method described in the program and many do not understand Toyota/Lexus resonance frequency knock sensors, which is also explained in the class. The section on Nissan/Infiniti fly by wire issues not only covers common failures but also includes wire by wire analysis. Dave also provides unique lab scope tests for ID problem coils in the Nissan COP section.

There is also a section explaining Honda/Acura electronic load detection with wire by wire testing and operation with specs that are not found in any book. This portion covers every wire in detail with scope patterns and provides solutions to VTEC issues. Dave provides a complete overview of the VTEC system, its components, how it works, operating parameters, things that affect the system and where to do testing.

The class has a great section on VW/Audi with lots of engine control and testing tricks. This portion tackles the number one problem on these vehicles, MAF sensors. It covers three generations of MAF testing including the Hitachi 4 and 5 wire, and testing fuel system analysis using additive and multiplicative measuring block data. This section also explains VW coil-on-plug problems including all lab scope patterns and quick tests and covers electronic throttle control codes and their meaning.

This two hour DVD and the accompanying manual is full of techniques and tips that cannot be found in any book. For more information or to purchase this class or any other programs produced by Team AVI call 800-718-7246 or visit our website at