AVI & NASTF Public Service Announcement

November 24, 2020

Below is a Public Service Announcement regarding the rapidly increasing threat of cyber security relating to vehicle data issues, particularly involving key codes and immobilizer codes.



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November 24, 2020, Fort Myers, FL – Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI), an industry leader in providing automotive training to academic and industry organizations, is pleased to announce their partnership with the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) in producing a public service announcement with important information for the auto care industry regarding Key Codes & Immobilizer Security Threats.

AVI’s Operation Manager Katie Malone states, “There are real cyber security threats that service professionals need to be aware of when dealing with key programming and immobilizer issues. We feel that it is important to bring these threats to light and provide resources to protect yourselves and your customers.”

Donny Seyfer, executive officer at NASTF states “I think that the biggest message that the audience watching this piece needs to hear is that there is an approved method [for accessing key and immobilizer codes.] There are a number of really good reasons to use NASTF and most notably that as the aftermarket demonstrates responsible management of secure data a trust between automakers, independent repairers and vehicle owners has a chance at success.”

ILCO Automotive has sponsored the production of this message. ILCO Automotive provides a complete line of cloning, programming/origination equipment and an extensive line of keys and key cutting machines, making them a leader in the key duplication and key programming for the automotive aftermarket.

NASTF is a cooperative effort among the automotive service industry, the equipment and tool industry and automobile manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that automotive service professionals employed outside the OEMs franchise system have the information, training, and tools needed to properly diagnose and repair today's high tech vehicles.

For more information on NASTF visit www.NASTF.org

For technical information on Key programming visit www.keyprogramming123.com

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