AVI Announces Joint Training Effort with RepairPal

March 6, 2016

Automotive Video Innovations and RepairPal are announcing a joint effort to offer solutions for today’s service shop owner’s need for training and expanding their customer base!

RepairPal independently certifies auto repair shops nationwide for superior training, quality tools, fair pricing and a minimum 12-month/12,000-mile warranty program.repair pal people

Chan Patel, the Director of Sales at RepairPal says, “Training is no longer an option. It’s a requirement to have a successful business and provide the best service. What people want is high quality at fair prices. RepairPal is focused on helping consumers locate the very best shops.”

Chan continues on to say that “Becoming RepairPal Certified helps a shop stand out from the competition. If you’re able to differentiate yourself with a third-party certification, that lends much more credence to your story. We come across hundreds of shops that are interested in staying current on car repair. We’ve found AVI to be an excellent resource for shop owners looking to provide the best education for their technicians and service advisors.”

Paul Louwers, AVI’s C.E.O., says, “Our core business is training materials based on current technologies in the automotive aftermarket. By presenting our content online, accessible 24/7, we’re covering topics that range from management and technical diagnostics to scan tool usage, everything a shop owner or technician needs in one place. AVI is more than simple courses online; it is a complete training academy for technicians and shop owners!”

AVI and RepairPal working together will provide shop owners an easy road map to stay current with AVI’s excellent online training courses. We’re looking forward to working with the RepairPal team.

For further information please contact Ian Adamson (800) 718-7246 ext 226

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