AVI/Cape Coral Fire Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training

February 3, 2021

Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. and Cape Coral Fire
Present COVID-Safe Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training


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February 3, 2021, Fort Myers, FL – On Thursday, January 28 and Friday, January 29, Automotive Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI), a first responder training leader, presented two live onsite alternative fuel vehicle training sessions for Cape Coral Fire Department. These two classes, 7 hours in length, were presented to two separate live audiences of firefighters in Cape Coral, Florida, by AVI instructor Captain Chris Womock of the Indianapolis Fire Department. Womock, who has been educating firefighters on the unique techniques needed to efficiently and safely address incidents involving alternative fuel vehicles for over ten years, is very excited to be back in the classroom.

"AVI has been presenting live webinars to firefighters during our country's COVID crisis, allowing this important content to get to the responders who need it," stated Womock. "Now that onsite training is beginning to open up, I look forward to working with students in-person so that my expertise on this subject can be presented in the most efficient educational format."

AVI continues to offer streaming webinars to interested first and second responders nationwide but has begun presenting onsite training utilizing strict COVID protocols for a more effective learning environment. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), less than four percent of our nation's firefighters have been trained on the correct and safe way to deal with electric and gaseous fueled vehicles. As the number of these unique vehicles continues to grow, this training has become even more critically important to our firefighters, ensuring everyone gets to go home safe, both firefighters and those they strive to protect.

To learn more about how to bring this essential training to your responders, contact AVI at support@aviondemand.com or call 1-800-718-7246.

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