AVI and ACDC releases extensive Hybrid Training Program

April 6, 2010

ACDC and Team AVI are catching you up to speed with the latest and future Hybrid technology with Craig Vanbatenburg. Hybrid vehicles have been around for a decade now and with millions of these vehicles on the road if you don’t already service hybrid vehicles in your shop, now is the time to start. This extensive program includes thorough training for hybrid vehicles from GM, Saturn, Ford, Honda, and Toyota providing you with detailed information, servicing tips and hands on demonstrations to keep your shop ahead and up to date with hybrid vehicle technology.

The training program has been designed help you gain the knowledge you will need to service the influx of hybrid automobiles safely and efficiently.


The Honda portion to AVI’s hybrid training series presents solutions to current problems with the start clutch and contains valuable information preventing you from damaging the CVT transmission upon disconnecting the 12 volt battery. This class provides you with a basic understanding on how the Vtec engine operates and what makes them go bad, addresses issues with nickel metal hydride battery, and takes a look at what’s new with the 2010 Honda Insight.

Grasping 12% of the hybrid consumer market, Ford is becoming a power house and knowing how to service them is essential. The Ford hybrid training program covers the newly implemented electric AC found in the 2010 Escapes, extensively reviews the redesigned hybrid drive systems, battery pack and service plug for the new Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, how to service the transmission, the role of the DC to DC converter, how to properly and safely replace the battery, and how to better understand the scan tool when reading diagnostics from the battery.

With Toyota and Lexus hybrid technology undergoing constant changes, this class introduces you to the new 2010 Prius, with an all new catalytic converter system, explanation to the non existent hot water tank under the drivers headlight and many more changes you’ll want to know about this completely redesigned vehicle. The program also takes a look at the Techstream scan tool, and how it’s affordability may perk your interest to have for your shop. This video also features hybrid training on the first four cylinder Lexus the HS 250h and the redesigned hybrid drive system RX 400h and 450h.

Although Saturn Hybrids are now discontinued, it is still important knowing how to service these vehicles because they are not entirely off the road. This class explores previous hybrid technology such as Saturn’s B.A.S or belt alternator starter system, along with important servicing tips on the advanced nickel metal hydride battery pack.

The GM program explains two mode technology and how they’re utilizing this technology in the Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, Sierra and Silverado hybrid line up. Additionally this class breaks down Parallel Hybrid Trucks, the planetary gear set and even takes a look at the soon to be released Chevy Volt.