2010 ATSG Technical Service Program Now Available

January 11, 2011

If you were not able to attend the 2010 ATSG seminar live, this is your chance to bring the seminar to your shop! The 2010 Technical Service Information Seminar Program, presented by top industry transmission specialist Wayne Colonna and Peter Luban, is now available from Automotive Video! This program can save you hundreds of dollars in lost time due to mis-diagnosed problems! The fixes and information in this seminar will help you get the job done right the first time around with over five hours of must have practical information.

The seminar, which covers extensive transmission related concerns for most major car manufacturers, including hybrids and medium duty trucks, contains component application and solenoid charts, valve body component ID and illustrations, detailed electrical schematics, hydraulic charts, Pcode (DTC) charts on some units and gear ratio ID charts. It also includes general information section on data bus wiring and controller area network quick checks.

This is a problem solving program for model specific units. This information is presented in an efficient and professional format that is easy to follow and understand. Each tech problem that is presented is done in the same format, giving the “complaint, the cause, & the correction.” Each section is supported with a manual that follows the video and supports the tech problems with illustrations, charts and diagrams. All the information you need is here, no need to go digging through TSB’s or manuals.

Whether it be an import or domestic vehicle, ATSG has the updated OBDII Global DTC list, giving you the advantage when diagnosing any vehicle transmission.