Pretty much everything in or on the modern vehicle has wires going to it. That means to analyze many concerns you need to connect a device that will look at electrical circuits and what they are doing. What does it mean when I connect my Digital Multimeter and it reads…? What does it mean when volts are low, and amps are high? What does it mean when volts are high, and amps are low? What do those patterns on an oscilloscope mean?

In the “What does it mean?” Electrical Class we’ll cover electrical circuit and component testing using the tools you need to determine if the circuit or component is faulty and what to do to fix the concern. We’ll show you what you’re really expected to do when the service manual asks for a resistance test on a circuit. You’ll get the chance to make these tests yourself in the class and learn how to use the right tool, the right way, at the right time, to analyze everything from the headlight to the taillight and all components in between.