The General Motors fleet of vehicles has been changing rapidly over the last half dozen years. Smaller and more efficient engines now dominate a fleet of downsized vehicles. At the same time, full-size gasoline pickup trucks are still very popular. Producing vehicles with high fuel efficiency and customer demands for performance has brought interesting changes. Computer networks and safety system complexity has grown as well. The goal of this class is to prepare aftermarket technicians for the diagnosis and repair of the new engine control systems found on GM vehicles. During the class, we will present tips and procedures that will enable the technician to diagnose these faults quickly and accurately.

After completing this class, a technician will be able to:

  • Explain turbocharged engine fueling and evaporative control
  • Evaluate variable valve lift and timing faults
  • Analyze fuel trim data
  • Evaluate GDI faults
  • Diagnose high and low-speed communication faults