This course covers training that is full of information on Ford Power Stroke diagnostics covering extensive 6.7 Power Stroke repair information.

This course will demo actual testing and practical service demonstrations along with helpful tips and tricks.

Topics include fuel testing, pressure testing, volume testing, scan tool diagnostics, diagnostic tips, turbochargers, data network diagnostics, no start diagnostics, SCR & DPF systems and much more.

  • Discuss fuel system updates and common issues
  • Analyze common rail information and care
  • Investigate fuel contamination and fuel injection pump diagnosis
  • Outline turbocharger testing, including boost vs. backpressure
  • Diagnose engine oil issues and evaluate causes for aeration
  • Relate turbocharger issues, including oil and boost issues
  • Demonstrate proficiency in scan tool use, PIDS, and data
  • Relate how vehicle charging systems work
  • Communicate on cooling systems, primary and secondary service
  • Illustrate fuel injector operation