Steering & Suspension with Dirk Fuchs

ZF/TRW chassis systems are present in every second car on our planet. This shows the large OE business what TRW is representing. During this class you will get an in depth look into TRW chassis technology on a Ford F150, starting with the foundations of chassis dynamics and different axle systems like MacPherson and Multi-link suspension systems.

The participant will understand why the count of control arms is increasing in today’s vehicles like the Ford F150, and why low friction ball joint generation is so important for servicing current vehicles.

Electro-mechanical steering systems was the first step to autonomous driving and vehicles like the Ford F150 is equipped with this system.

The Top Light Duty Diesel Problems and Solutions with Ryan Kooiman

Compared to the mid-90s, diesel vehicles have made a serious comeback. The increase in popularity is largely the result of a steady string of advancements and improvements to the diesel engine. New engine designs, noise- and vibration-damping technologies, and improvements like electronic engine control have spawned a new generation of engines that are more powerful and 30-35% more fuel efficient than similar-size gasoline engines, all while running quieter and smoother than diesel engines of the past. Cold-weather starting has been improved. Noise levels are down. Reliability has been improved. Tail pipe emissions are down. Most importantly, horsepower and torque are up significantly! Many of today’s diesel engines that come as an option in the medium-duty trucks are now advertising over 800ft-lbs of torque. Those numbers were unheard of 20 years ago.

Building a Business Culture that Employees Embrace with Bill Haas

The future of your business depends on having people to perform the work and serve the customer. Are you up for the challenge of providing a culture that employees are looking for?

With the right culture, talented people have a desire to stay. Gain an understanding of the characteristics and values employees are looking for. Learn the seven questions employees ask themselves when evaluating their job satisfaction. Influence employee’s attitude towards their work when you provide an environment and culture that includes effective management, empowerment, recognition, and a balance of challenges and opportunity.

Have a culture that defines your competitive advantage.

Developing Leadership Traits for Success with Bill Haas

Didn’t think you were the leader? If you are getting kicked from behind, you must be out front. Stop expending your energy on avoiding being the leader. Accept the fact that people are depending on you to provide direction, vision and purpose.

When leaders fail, people quit. Implement effective leadership strategies and improve the opportunities for your team to excel. A strategic approach creates alignment between individual or team objectives and values. Take away strategies for creating a culture, empowering your people, and providing positive influence.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Service Advisors with Bill Haas

There are no secrets to what makes a person successful in their career. A career as a service advisor does not have to be frustrating or unrewarding. Learn and implement the seven habits of highly successful service advisors and you are assured a rewarding career to be celebrated.

Course Objectives:

  • Define your top priorities and achieve the results you want
  • Learn to be more productive
  • Eliminate behavior that distracts and defeats you
  • Develop strong relationships based on mutual trust
  • Prepare to deal with difficult situations

Dynamic Duo: Scope & Scanner Diagnostics with John Forro

All technicians realize the importance of their scan tools and lab scopes when diagnosing various computer control issues. This exclusively unique course will show the technician how to maximize the data they retrieve with their scan tool to allow them a seamless transition when attaching their scopes to the circuitry for in-depth diagnostics. While this course does cover some scan tool and lab scope overview, the real value to the technician is the understanding of the PID data obtained, the common Silver Bullet style tips pertaining to the PID data, and the lab scope tips and tricks supplied to diagnose the vehicle quicker and more efficiently! Several systems will be discussed, not just the ECM.