2017 AVI Classes

Gasoline Direct Injection: Practical Diagnostic Techniques

This course focuses on practical testing techniques applied to gasoline direct injected (GDI) engines supported by a working understanding of system and component operation. This class introduces essential testing techniques which can be applied to a variety GDI equipped vehicles regardless of make or model. Find out more info!

Ford EcoBoost Platforms Operations and Diagnosis

This class will present the operation and diagnostic techniques the aftermarket will need to service this massive segment of the repair market. Each major system of the EcoBoost will be covered using not only OE tooling but capable aftermarket scan tools and techniques. Find out more info!

Achieving Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a business strategy for gaining your competitive advantage. It is the execution of your processes more consistently and reliably than your competition and the ability for every employee to see the flow of value to the customer. Employees will also be able to correct the flow before the customer knows there is an issue with delivering value. Find out more info!

Solutions To Modern Problems

You'll be introduced to some new concepts in the auto service business that can radically reduce your operating expenses, increase your average repair order and make your life far easier. The first order of business is to perform an in-depth analysis of the current labor operations most frequently sold in your shop. This includes the gross profit per hour, the percentage of upsells and the real cost of these to your operation. Find out more info!

Vehicle Networking

This session covers real-world diagnosis of vehicle network communication issues and how to use a scan tool, wiring diagram and DSO to troubleshoot. Covers Domestic and Asian Platforms and will focus on Model Years 2001-2016. Find out more info!

6.7L Power Stroke: Tips & Tricks

Variable Displacement Technology

Battery Technology

Diesel Aftertreatment Systems

Hybrid Diagnostics

What you need to know about Lean P-Code Conditions

What you need to know about Rich P-Code Conditions