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In this program you will test your skills on a virtual car, using common diagnostic and test tools found in the repair shop. You will have a virtual assistant called Dyno that will explain how to navigate the virtual garage and assist in repairing the vehicle. The process is similar to what you do in the shop every day.

Diagnostic Process

  1. Review the work order and information related to the vehicle fault.
  2. Verify the complaint and complete a visual inspection.
  3. Start the diagnostic process selecting parts to test from the vehicle schematic. Evaluate the diagnostic data from the test tools.
  4. Once you know what is wrong, open the parts store and select the part you want Dyno to replace.
  5. Take the vehicle for a road test and confirm the vehicle repair. If the vehicle is repaired you will need to approve the repair order on the clipboard. If the vehicle is not repaired you can continue the diagnostic process.

Your skills are measured using a real time clock that begins when you test your first part and the time clock also updates with average times required to perform the diagnosis and repairs.

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