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by John Forro to save you time and money!

If you have had a diesel fuel component fail under warranty you need this test kit! One of the biggest concerns in the diesel repair industry is fuel quality. Any diesel will suffer repeated failures if the fuel has issues. Now there is a kit that can be used to check these important issues. It is a quick and simple test procedure that ensures the fuel meets the most important qualities so you can reduce parts failures. Contents are all organized in a case and comes with a training program on how to use it!  This fuel test kit is great for any diesel shop or school. Do the job right and avoid comebacks. Test that fuel.

Kit Contents:

  • Case with Safety Foam Insert
  • Diesel Hydrometer / API Spec
  • Training Class on Use
  • Charts For Temp Correction
  • Results Chart
  • DEF Refractometer
  • Diesel Test Fluid with Dropper Bottle
  • 2 Liquid Transfer Droppers
  • Fuel Sample Cylinder