Advanced Scan Tool Testing Strategies

Instructor Bill Fulton covers a wide range of areas in this very comprehensive and updated course, Advanced Scan Tool Testing Strategies. With almost 3 hours of detailed information, technicians will have new respect for the diagnostic power of their scan tools. This course includes live on-car demonstrations, plus lots of case studies from a variety of makes and models.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand hands on scan tool testing including data packets & what each one can do for you
  • Identify 10 Global Modes/Each mode individually and what info it provides and why (how to use the modes in depth to better diagnose the vehicle)
  • Perform wide range 02 sensor testing (case studies on a Ford, Nissan, Honda, & Toyota)
  • Understand Lambda Fuel Trims & Fuel Ratios
  • Understand ignition issues & Intermittent Misfires
  • Understand Mass Air Flow Sensor Diagnostics & Hands on MAF Replacement
  • Identify Variable Cam Timing Data (at idle & during test drive)
  • Identify P0 Codes related to MAF & Fuel Trim/P0440 Code (Electronic Throttle Control data, EVAP & Purge Test, Fuel Trim, Power Break Condition test)
  • Hands on Case studies (02 & 05 F150, 05 Mustang, 09 Chevy Silverado, 08 Chrysler Town & Country, 08 Prius, 02 Dodge Caravan, 14 Nissan Maxima, Chevy S-10, 05 & 2012 Chevy Equinox)